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'Space' sidetable | middle | dekton zenith

'Space' sidetable | middle | dekton zenith image 1


  • Dimensions:   40X48X48 cm
  • Material:   
  • Weight:   7.000 kg

Price:  € 350.00

logoThe Space Side Table middle from the Space series out stands with the possibility to be assembled and disassembled numerous times in an extremely user-friendly way without the use if any screws, bolts etc. Provided in a very compact packaging the product meets the highest standard of the modern nomad which does not compromise the design of the products that he buys. Table top: DEKTON ZENITH 20 mm, solid white soft matt finish. UV Resistance - perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, Scratch Resistance, Stain Resistance, Heat Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Cold Resistance

'Space' sidetable | middle | dekton zenith image 2
'Space' sidetable | middle | dekton zenith image 3
'Space' sidetable | middle | dekton zenith image 4

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